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  • Help with image button

    I have this script that I use for a button,

    <input class="formbutton" type="button" onClick="doBUILD();" value="Build Text Area" tabindex="3">

    this is works for the regular button.

    but I changed it to the following to try and get an image instead:

    <input class="formbutton" type="image" src="includes\images\build.gif" onClick="doBUILD();" value="Build Text Area" tabindex="3">

    but when I click on the button, it asks if I want to save a file, if I click cancel it goes away. Is there away to stop that....

    it still does the function correctly.... just the problem with wanting to download the file....

    any suggestions???
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    I couldn't reproduce what you described, but will guess that it has something to do with submission.
    INPUT type=image Element | input type=image Object
    Creates an image control that, when clicked, causes the form to be immediately submitted.

    Internet Development SDK
    Using onsubmit="return false;" for the form might prevent that.
    hmm... ?


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      Okay I solved the issue

      I found some code to put into my css file. it goes like this:

      PHP Code:
      .build background-imageurl(buildform.gif); 
      then I change the main script like this:

      PHP Code:
      <input class="build" type="button" onClick="doBUILD();"  value="" tabindex="3">&nbsp
      I changed the "class" to the css reference. Removed the value. And now it works that way i need it to work.

      Just thought I would let ya'll know.
      Thank for all your help
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