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Help, fUNCTION TASK? - BASIC so help

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  • Help, fUNCTION TASK? - BASIC so help

    Okay I have a Classwork Due tomarrow and im still lost...
    if you want to know what im doing please click this

    basically i need to do various thing using a function but what i need most help right now on are...

    4. Write a function that accepts two textboxes as objects and switches their values.

    5. Write a function that accepts an object and two values representing the distance in the horizontal and vertical directions. The object should be moved the amount specified.


    okay i got the code for 4. - but i dont know what im doing wrong can someone help?

    function Change(x,y){
    x = y
    y = x
    <input type ="text" id="txt1" value="Switch"/>
    <input type ="text" id="txt2" value="Me"/>
    <input type ="button" onclick="Change(txt1.value,txt2.value)" value="Clickers">

    for number 5. im really lost in, and if you can give the code or resourses to do so ill be helpful, i never learn map in HTML, so im kinda lost...

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    You can change the values of a text box with

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