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i need a good drop down menu script

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  • i need a good drop down menu script

    I want to use a dynamic drop down menu navigation bar on my site and i want the navigation bar to be image based, with rollover effects, does anyone know of a good script i could use,


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    Basing your menu functionality on javascript is a bad idea. For a simple CSS drop down once again see www.vladdy.net/Demos/CSSNav.html For more complicated accessible scripting solution with greater functionality see brothercake's http://www.codingforum.net/showthrea...threadid=31904

    Using images for menu is a bad idea.

    Starting new threads, instead of continuing existing ones is also a bad idea
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      It doesn't have to be a bad idea .. if you use a list-menu you can use image-replacement to have an image nav, and it's still accessible - http://www.udm4.com/demos/other-imagenav-horizontal.php
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        I checked your page with the CSS-menu and I must say that it looks very interesting! One question I still have is: what about the compatibility with different browsers?

        Thanks! Michiel