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javascript webpolls?

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  • javascript webpolls?

    i have been asked to put a poll on our website, but i am not too keen on going through a third party site and would prefer to keep it all on our own (to keep it all looking nice and integrated).

    i have looked at the source of a couple of third party polls and they seem to use javascript, but i'm not sure if i'm seeing the whole script or not.

    is it possible to create a poll using just javascript, and if so, how do i go about it? i'm looking to have about 10 questions.

    if it is possible, would the results show just a percentage, or would it show total votes cast?

    i am totally new to javascript, so really dont have much of a clue.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with this

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    Javascript on it's own isn't going to be of much use for createing a poll because you need some server side component to store the results from the poll.

    Look at whatever server side languages you have available and then search for polling code written in those languages.
    Check out the Forum Search. It's the short path to getting great results from this forum.