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Firewall detection with javascript

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  • Firewall detection with javascript

    Anyone who can help. Im developing an online radio using javascript and as a nice test process, I would like to test if the user is behind a firewall or might run into some other limitation when accessing my little app. I want to do this to minimize tech support when users run into to trouble accessing this function. Any help would be much appreciated!!
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    You're extremely unlikely to be able to determine whether a user is behind a Firewall or anything else about the Network connection (not even the IP address) using Javascript.

    Javascript is deliberately limited in order to protect your average user against excessively nosy web sites. As it is, many people still think it lets out too much information.

    That can sometimes make it difficult to detect and compensate for some configuration problems, consider it a cost of privacy.
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      You could always try to access an image from your server on a few often blocked ports to see if you can do it. That requires your server to still serve the image from those ports, however.
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