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Help with menu.....pliz pliz pliz

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  • Help with menu.....pliz pliz pliz

    I had posted for help but came up with no result till now and it got misplaced somewhere!!! I have been searching all over but just can't find anything, i want.

    Can anyone get me a javascript for menu with mouse over effect where i can update my site's links directly from one file (.js) so that i dont have to upgrade the links in all my pages (more than 50 )!!! but by just updating the .js file....

    Hope u got i mean and want....


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    Well most menus work like that - this one for example.

    But the trouble with that is poor accessibility - if the entire menu is generated in javascript then non-JS browsers see nothing at all - you end up still having to have redundent HTML on every page, so you might as well make your menus from that in the first place.

    I'd recommend a list-based menu - like this one
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      thanx for the help and info.......