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Simple Cookie for a JavaScript N00B

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  • Simple Cookie for a JavaScript N00B

    Hi I have got a question,

    Is it possible to send a cookie whith javascript IN the body of a webpage,
    with php the only way you can send a cookie is befor the head and i would like to send a cookie only if there is a sertain value on the site, well anyway im using php to NOT show a surtain section on the webpage if the user has enterd a faulty password, so if the cookie could load automaticly it would be realy good...

    Lets break it down:
    I would like a cookie that loads automaticly,
    witch has the name WAR_login
    and has the value 1

    If anyone could help me out i would be very gratefull

    Greetz Justin

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    There is a bakery:
    Vladdy | KL
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