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    Is there a way to make a slide bar (NOT a scrollbar) for forms? You know, like they use in those image editors and properties boxes. For example, you could be doing a poll and stating whether or not you agree with somebody on something. You would have strongly disagree on the left, and strongly agree on the right. You could then slide the bar to where you want on how much you agree with the person.
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    Yes it is possible, but it would involve DHTML. So if you're asking if there is a form "slider" element then no, it involves some over the top scripting.

    If you want to submit this form via a server-side script then the script would also be required to pass a value to a hidden input field.
    To maintain WCAG compliance there would have to be a noscript alternative, perhaps a text box input where the user can enter a number of, say, 1-100.
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