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Linking arrays in seperate textareas

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  • Linking arrays in seperate textareas

    I am building a front end that displays two database records which are both made up of an equal number of items. One record would be a list of headings and the other record a list of content with both being displayed in two textareas

    I am using PHP and MySQL to bring back the records and using the explode function to get to each individual item in the array.

    My Question is:
    From this first full list of headings I want to link from a single heading and display only the content for that heading in a another textarea. And at the same time append that heading and content to a text file for future history of links viewed.

    I hope I have managed to explain the situation OK and thanks for any views you may have


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    First of all, I think you should have posted this topic in the PHP forum.

    Secondly, I don't think I quite understand. Do you want a pair of textareas per pair of heading/contents? Or do you want 2 textareas in total: one holding all the headings, and one holding all the contents such that the lines of headings correspond with the lines of the contents?

    What do u mean by linking and future history of links? Do you mean that you want to create a series of links, each will jump to a particular area of the textarea?

    I'm not sure what your question is. You'll have to be more specific. I'd also encourage moving these posts to the PHP forum if it is indeed a PHP question and not a Javascript question.

    Good luck,