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creating sectional image links

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  • creating sectional image links


    I am hoping someone can help me with this, basically I am wanting to create several links from within one single picture on my website...I have seen this done somewhere, but cannot remember where. I have looked in dynamicdrive.com, and javascriptkit.com but cannot find what I am looking for.

    Basically I want to be able to click a specific part of a picture, and go to the first link I set up, or if I click on another specific part of the picture, it will link to another site, and if I click on the picture where it is not linked, nothing happens. I have an image in mind, which is about 300 x 300 pixels. I want the links to be in a specific part of the picture, not have a picture divided into 3 sections. I want specific areas within the picture to link out, but the other areas of the picture would not link.

    Can anyone help me with this? Please tell me the location where I can find the script, or give the script with directions so I can create it myself.


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    You're talking about client-side image maps
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      that is EXACTLY what I was looking for...

      Thank you so much

      Imperial Spider