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  • Speed test, tweaking test, security test, ping test

    Hello, I am wanting to create these sections for my website at http://www.computersOC.com and wanted to know if someone could work on some of these ideas for me. I do not know coding but there's some money involved in the leases if you want.

    1. A speed test I would want it to have a file stored on whatever server (say I wanted to have a page for speed tests from different servers in different countries or multiple file sizes) be downloaded when a user clicks start and then it would show the results to them (download and upload speed). A big plus would be for it to be able to put all user results together in an organized manner for other users to see how other users did (like say when the test is done, it shows the results on another page and asks what ISP you have).
    It would be free for users to use but maybe we could also lease it for businesses if they'd want to use it on their server. You'd get a good percentage from the sales.

    2. A tweaking test would have the user click start and it would show them their receive window (RWIN) and MTU and then we'd recommend what to do (either in our forums or in a guide telling them) so a user can make their connection faster. The RWIN and MTU are in the registry.

    3. A security test we would have the user hit start and it would scan the IP address using whatever ports and then show them the results (is the port open/closed/stealth?).

    4. The last thing would be a user enters their IP address or clicks start and our server does a trace route to it and shows the results including how many packets sent, lost, packet loss percentage, lowest ping, medium ping, and highest.

    Any of these would be great. I can be contacted at [email protected] or stop by at http://www.computersOC.com

    Thank You very much!