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Creating edit window

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  • Creating edit window

    I have a select box representing items from an array of objects.
    I wnat the user to click on item in select then have a screen pop which all ows him/her to edit or delete the item from the list. After which I want the original screen diplayed w/o reloading as that would initialize my varables. The real question is how do I get the actions in the subscreen to affect the data in the first

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    First you get some wood and build a crate.
    Then you neen to put some shock absorbing material to make sure your adit window does not break in transit.
    Then carefully put your edit window in the crate, nail the top cover shut and bring your crate to the post office.

    If that does not answer your question, maybe you should take your time typing in plain English without "leet talk", and then proof-reading.
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