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XSS vulnerability using jquery html

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  • XSS vulnerability using jquery html

    I have created a very basic lightweight wysiwyg editor using designMode, styleWithCSS on an iframe and execCommand on selections. The editor includes a simple 'open code view' that copies all content from the iframe to a textarea and a 'close code view' that copies from the textarea to the iframe, it's simple stuff, here's the code:
        // toggle textarea visability
        // toggle buttons visability
    function addToTextArea(){
        // get content from iframe
        var wysiCode = window.frames['wysiFrame'].document.body.innerHTML;
        // place content into textarea
    If I open code view and enter a script, eg:
    <script> alert('script executed'); </script>
    and then close the code view the script will execute.
    Any content sent to the server/database is cleaned with purifier as is any content received by $_POST. I can't imagine how anyone would be able run a script unless they were personally on the page entering the script themselves and therefore only gaining access to their own cookies/session id's. Is this open to XSS abuse?
    Any advice/help appreciated, thanks in advance.