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DHTML Softhink Drop-Down menue question

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  • DHTML Softhink Drop-Down menue question

    I installed this code some 10 years ago and now need to make a small change regarding its position on the page.

    Below is the current first two lines of code that define the menus location. I need it to always be centered and at the very top.

    Any & all assistance is most appreciated!

    Javascript Code:

    <SCRIPT language=JavaScript1.2 type=text/javascript><!--
    beginSTM("CYA_Menu","float","350","0","left","false","true","310","1000","250","250","","blank.gif") ;
    beginSTMB("auto","0","0","horizontally","blank.gif","0","0","0","3","#000000","","tiled","#000000"," 1","solid","0","Normal","50","0","0","0","0","0","0","2","#FFCC00","false","#000000","#000000","#000 000","none");

    appendSTMI("true","","left","top","2rings.gif","2rings.gif","30","30","0","normal","#000000","#00000 0","","1","-1","-1","blank.gif","blank.gif","-1","-1","0","","","_self","Arial","14pt","#ffffff","bold","normal","none","Arial","14pt","#ffffff","bold" ,"normal","none","0","solid","#000000","#000000","#000000","#000000","#000000","#000000","#000000"," #000000","","","","tiled","tiled");

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    Hi there cwitham,

    and a warm welcome to these forums.

    You really do not need to use outdated "JavaScript" for a drop down menu.

    Modern "CSS" will now easily do the job.

    If you supply a link to your problematic page, members will be able to help you further.

    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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      @cootHead has it right that said outdated scripting really should be axed wholesale. It was never a good idea to use JS for that in the first place since it flips the double-bird at users from an accessibility standpoint, and results in a rather massive pointless amount of code.

      That said, that's really NOT enough code you showed us to even come close to telling you what to do, since that's just a snippet of data. We have no clue WHICH script is being used on your page to turn that data into a menu.

      Though that language attribute, upper-case tag, and lack of quotes on the attributes means it's more like 19 years out of date than ten... adding to the reasons to rewrite whatever that is from scratch.

      It's a menu, for a competent developer using modern semantic markup and CSS it shouldn't take more than a half hour... realistically it should be just a few minutes though that depends on how hard it would be to turn the mess of outdated scripting into proper HTML.

      So again, @cootHead is on track -- we need to see the full page.
      Walk the dark path, sleep with angels, call the past for help.


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        Hi there deathshadow,

        stone me, the software that the O.P. uses costs £76.75/$98.43.
        www.s o think.com/product/dhtmlmenu/download.htm

        No spaces between s o t needed.
        "A fool and his money are soon parted"

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        ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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          Wait, somebody has the stones to CHARGE for the bleeding edge of 1977 scripted junk that wasn't even worth money THEN?!? Ouch.

          Sorry @cwitham, but somebody saddled you up and took you for a ride.
          Walk the dark path, sleep with angels, call the past for help.