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  • Javascript frontend app

    I am new to web application , i want to ask some questions.

     How javascript application starts when get request from browser. And how things happen from starting
     How different modules communicate each other
     How app communicates to server
     How hosting done on server
     When get first call from browser what happens
     Which file starts javascript app
     On browser request how some modules get called, flow on browser request

    Also from i get sample javascript project which is developed without any frame work

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    JavaScript is event driven. You add event listeners to elements in the HTML and when those events are triggered on those elements then the corresponding code runs.

    JavaScript has four ways to communicate with the server.
    1. Using iframes (not recommended)
    2. Using xmlhhtprequest and listening for the response
    3. By adding additional script tags dynamically (to retrieve data only)
    4. By calling server generated transparent images (to send data only)

    JavaScript goes in a separate file attached to your HTML via a <script> tag immediately before the </body> tag
    Learn Modern JavaScript - http://javascriptexample.net/
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    Don't forget to start your JavaScript code with "use strict"; which makes it easier to find errors in your code.