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    Recently I got hands on one new tool, the tool uses accounting.js file from accounting.js: JavaScript number and currency formatting library. The library works perfectly, however the issue we are facing is that the number is automatically rounded to 2 decimal places. I need this to be at least 3 decimal places.

    For eg: If i input the value 1.125 it automatically rounds to 1.13, due to this we are facing issues. There is also a demo option in the URL i mentioned above.

    I'm not much of a developer guy. Can some one please suggest a solution here(I have the access to source code & due to limited development knowledge i don't want to change the library)

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    have you not read the documentation? it explains how to set resp. configure the library to use the desired precision.
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      If you are asking about this:

      currency: {
      symbol : "$", // default currency symbol is '$'
      format: "%s%v", // controls output: %s = symbol, %v = value/number (can be object: see below)
      decimal : ".", // decimal point separator
      thousand: ",", // thousands separator
      precision : 2 // decimal places

      I did change the precision to 3, still the result is same.