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Code request, please help asap

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  • Code request, please help asap

    So this is my site Servers | [email protected]
    I want the text that says Offline to say Online whenever one of these servers are online: Tanki Online - Test Server
    Btw I'm not sure if this requires php, js or any other language but I'm guessing it need JS.

    Please help guys!!

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    you need JS on the front end and whatever language you like on the backend.
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      I don't know JS or PHP so is it possible if you can provide a script with instructions? (I'm not great with html as well, as you can see from my ugly site.)


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        Hey I got an idea, I was first trying to get the html code using xmlhttprequest but I couldn't do it cause it's not on my site. So I did a little research and found a thing called Using CORS - HTML5 Rocks I set it all up and after 15 minutes or so I came clean with no errors in the console, now just one thing. How do I know if it worked or not it doesn't show me the html .-. Anyway, maybe you could use cors for to make a script for this?


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          new site btw: Test server status


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            tisk tisk is that not a web server running on a desktop you are not trying to get someone to help you hack it are you. Not for sure i did not click the link I hovverd above it and saw the /www/ root stuff without going to far into explinations but if that is indeed owned by you I would remove that link it is an invitation to pure pwnedge