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  • playlist for video player

    I found a video player on-line and it seems to work really well. I'm a newby to JScript and would like to play video that I create that is on my server.
    Can any one help me write the code to play videos from a playlist. Code for player is attached
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    Better post the code in code tags instead of providing a file for download.
    I use this player myself and originally it doesn't provide a playlist. However the first hit when googling for it is this:
    mediaelement.js and custom playlist - Stack Overflow
    I would recommend using the plugin.


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      Sorry about the attachment, I'm not familiar with the protocal. Thanks for the link, I didn't think to goggle it.
      In the future just post the code in the body in code tags?


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        In the future just post the code in the body in code tags?
        Yes, if the code is not too large I would recommend doing so. If the code is very large it's better to post the URL of the page (in case it is online).


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          Is the above playlist plugin just for Audio or can it also be used for video?


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            I assume that it can play both. Just check out the demo and give it a try.