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  • Javascript white space

    Hey guys !
    We all know what this code means " if(x !== ' ') " ,,,statement one
    else .......statement two

    If I input just one space in x variable then my code will go to the else branch,but if I input two white spaces (press space key two times) then will go on the first branch because my if statement check if there is only one white space.
    Is there any way I can make it in javascript to check a general white space like if my input form has no content just white spaces (like I press space key 10 times ) it will still go on the if branch and doesn t make else statement to happen?

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    PHP Code:
    string string.replace(/ +/, ' '); 
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      or the following to check for any whitespace characters (eg linefeeds) and not just spaces

      string = string.replace(/\s+/, ' ');
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