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    How can I build code for Below given Requirements.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	function.png
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    In above IMG will have two main sections. It will show all available components as c1,c2,c3 etc..
    Each component is a collection of form inputs : By clicking on c1,c2 form inputs appear as popup or overlay on main page.
    Once they are populated it will update the home screen showing that component is included(Right Side on img). When adding or editing a component it will open an overlay, which will show the form fields included within that component.

    For all components on load when the inputs are all empty the button options are “Cancel” and “Add”

    For all components on load when the inputs are already populated the button options are “Remove” and “Update”

    When a component is removed or canceled all of the subfields will be cleared out.

    On the back end this will essentially be one giant form.

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    What have you tried?
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      Until we see some actual code and an indication of what isn't working we will be unable to help. You need to either at least try to get the code written and ask for help when you get stuck or pay someone to write it for you.
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        I am not that much comfortable in JS/Jquery. I am about to start this functionality and by considering all points I am unable to find a way to do that. I want just top level architecture flow how to achieve this functionality that will be appreciated. Thanks For your help in Advance.


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          As felgall says, this forum is not a free coding service. As a general rule, the people helping out in this forum don't write code for others, but try to help with fixing code that doesn't work. You'll be far more likely to get help if you have made a substantial effort and written some code yourself. Then someone here will almost certainly help you correct/improve your work.

          All the code given in this post has been tested and is intended to address the question asked.
          Unless stated otherwise it is not just a demonstration.