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Java Script Data is getting lost

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  • Java Script Data is getting lost


    We have a J2EE Application the front end client uses frames and Java script / Applet. On our boxes saves and everything works fine. In the Development environment server or when I put my app on the production environment and when trying to save the data,Data is getting lost

    We have multiple frames like 3 or more frames on each page and lots of Javascript.
    We have tabs on pages after we enter data on to the tabs to save data either we can hit the save button or click the save tab both call the same function but the save button saves the data and the User stays in the same tab. And when the User hits the next tab that is where all the problem lies some time it saves and some times it dose not save the data. Only difference here is user is on the next tab.

    Due to frames Is there a race condition in Java script here which is causing the data to be lost or is the time to complete the operation is less and we are starting new process.

    has any one come across this please let me know if you know any solution for this.


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    Without seeing your code I would guess that the porcesse to save is not finished before the move is made. Can you post the realevant code?