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Running a music in IE and NS

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  • Running a music in IE and NS

    I want to run a music or any speech in the internet without any download. How can that be done. Can this be done for .mp3/.ram/.ra extensions. If yes how can be in an easy.

    And name any software that converts *.mp3 to *.ram files.

    ps help me.
    and thank u for anticipation

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    umm .. mp3 needs to be downloaded (I think), and as far as programs that convert files into the .ram format, well, there's real producer (http://www.real.com) BUT it's not free.

    RAM is a proprietary format of Real Networks, and they're still the only company that supports that format (they make their money by people buying the software to create the files)

    Are you talking about having a speech play when the page loads? or when the user clicks on a link?



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      Yes, .....

      Yes, I want a speech when the page loads.........
      How it can be done.
      Thank u for ur help.
      Pls let me know this even
      Thank u quack.


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        alright ,here we go
        i don't know of any that can change the mp3 to ram accept real producer, accept for streambox ripper (email me for the download:[email protected]) but to make it streaming mp3 jsut open notepad up and put in the url of your mp3. then save it as whatever.m3u and in ur page's body tag put this

        <body bgsound="whatever.m3u">

        and for netscape put this:
        <embed src="whatever.m3u" hidden="true" autostart="true" loop="1">
        this should put this raght after the body tag.

        for more on putting it in the apge, go to http://www.tips-tricks.com/sound.asp
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