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    I'm currently using a basic JavaScript password system to check usernames and passwords, this works in tandem with the main html log in system. (html forms can retain user information though IE - JavaScript does not).

    The question is two fold:
    1. is it possible to hide (******) passwords when typing in the promp box.
    2. is it possible to combine the two fields into one alert box, rather like what you see in a NT Domain log-on.
    Oh and 3. Is it possible to replace the "JavaScript Promt" dialogue printed in the prompt box.

    This is the code I'm using at the moment for the promts:
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">
    var namePrompt =  prompt("Please enter your username:","");
    var PassPrompt =  prompt("Now, please enter your password:","");
    Any sugestions on suitable code?
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    Hi Dave,
    This I know which is why I'm using JavaScript in this area:

    The situation:
    There is a standard html log on for normal users, however if a staff member (higher level access) is in a public area, then they use the JavaScript log on as this doesn't retain information in the same way as in the html form (as you pointed out). - the JavaScript promt boxes currently pass their information through the same system as the html, just don't use html text input boxes.

    So the system works... I'd like to clean it all up a bit, thus my questions:
    To aid security, can you hash out feilds in a JavaScript promt box?
    To tidy things up, is it possible to combine two promt boxes (e.g. NT domain log-on)

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      Sorry Dave,
      I thought you were refering to html submission methods only.
      Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated


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