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  • new thread on window resizing


    deleted old thread, since that didn't answer problem. posting
    code because of all the dynamic variables would be confusing.

    so, if anyone can help, here's some link instructions:

    1) go to http://www.vehicle411.com

    2) in the "vehicle classifieds" panel just click "search" which will
    bring up 68 vehicles.

    3) click on link for any vehicle, which will display vehicle information in a popup window.

    up to this point everything is fine. BUT when you click the popup's
    "connect" button to link to a dealership the new window is
    undersized (actually, if it replaced the original vehicle411 window
    that would be fine).

    have tried a lot of different combinations, including the
    <a href="javascripthotowindow('dealerurl')"> suggested in
    the other post gives weird result showing
    javascripthotowindow('dealerurl') in the address window
    instead of the actual url--meaning it doesn't call the photowindow

    P.S. if you look at the source--all the server values are passed
    correctly and don't interfere with the code. right now, I've got
    a simple <a href="dealerurl"> instead of the JS method. Also,
    have hard coded values to make sure dynamic stuff was working--
    and they work. what's really annoying is that I've used just about
    the same JS code to create that vehicle popups.

    P.P.S. went back and changed code to using <a href="#" etc.
    which doesn't work either. but have a direct url for anyone
    reading this (when clicking on "connect" button it's just
    creating a copy of itself!!!

    Last edited by bpaulsen2000; Jun 18, 2002, 11:09 PM.

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    Hmm... I went there pressed connect and it opened a window with the dealrs site in it. It was regular size and it had what seemed to be the corec turls in the address bar:

    What is supposed to happen?

    I am using IE6 WIN98SE


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      hi John,

      thanks for reply. was working on page while this post was up
      and applied a klugy workaround (a few minutes ago) by adding

      <script language="JavaScript"><!--

      to the target file, which gives me a full screen now--except for
      my system tray which is parked on top, so the top page portion
      is cut off by the system tray.

      this must be the version you looked at.


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