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"listen" for specific button click - then redirect?

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  • "listen" for specific button click - then redirect?

    This is a general question on if it's possible and how I'd go about it...

    I'm working on a site hosted through a blog-managing company. Sometimes their programming doesn't seem to let me do things that would normally be possible, so I have to find creative work-arounds.

    This time, It doesn't seem I can use javascript to change an href destination that is generated by their system. I want the user to go to a different page, when they click on that link.

    I can have a script find a specific href, but it can't change it for some reason. So I'm wondering if there's a way I can just have the script redirect the user if they click on that link? I know it seems like a long way round, but I don't see any other way to do this under the circumstances.

    Just in case it helps, here's what I thought would work, but didn't:

    document.getElementById('elementName').href == 'http://www.newURL.com';

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    You said "button click" but then show the code for a link, not a button.

    A button wouldn't have an href property.

    Can you show the element you are actually trying to change??
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      take out one of your equal signs to actually change the href, you are comparing the href to a string url in your posted code...

      i don't know of any way they could be stopping you from changing it if you can reach it; there's no read-only on the dom. well, that's not 100% true, but it's close enough to true that i'm sure they aren't doing that on a public-facing site.
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        LOL! So used to changing = to == that I didn't even notice that this one needs to be vice versa!
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          Oops! Didn't mean to really say button.

          I had tried with both == and just =. It didn't work. But I think it was another case me not fully paying attention. I think it's pulling the url a different way, via the ID (maybe from a stylesheet???). the code I'm trying to change is:

          <div class="rss-title"><a id="rss-title-11930659-1" href="" ></a></div>

          When I change the script to this, it seems to work:
          document.getElementById('rss-title-11930659-1').href = 'http://www.site.com/newfolder/newpage.html';
          document.getElementById('rss-title-11930659-1').id = 'something_else';

          is there maybe a better way to do this?


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            Ahhh...that makes sense!

            See, the HREF is *BLANK*.

            SO that clearly means that SOME OTHER code is going in and filling in the HREF, later.

            And it apparently does it by referring to that ID.

            So by *changing* the ID, you are preventing the later code from changing the HREF, after your change.

            It's actually a pretty clever and sneaky way to do it.

            Only possible bad part: Maybe the other code is doing something important and will fail when it can't change the href. But if it seems to be working, be happy!
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