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    I wrote the following page in a day or two (please don't mind the layout). Everything seems to work excellent, apart from in Firefox (FF) in which it doesn't seem to work at all. None of the other browsers have any trouble with it.

    I'm pretty new to Javascript (everything you see in the source code is pretty much all I know) and I have absolutely no idea why it doesn't work in Firefox.

    The page in question could be found [link has been removed]. It's all there is to it.

    So yeah, how to actually make this work in FF? Thanks a whole bunch in advance! Much appreciated.
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    You should start to do some basic debugging using browser tools like Firebug for Firefox. It will immediately tell you "paypal is not defined". You are using a variable paypal in the onclick of the button. And this variable is undefined.

    Are you trying to use paypal as an "implicit" name or did you actually define paypal somewhere in Javascript?


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      Thank you! I figured that I did put id="paypal", but Firefox apparently is the only browser that looked specifically for name="paypal" instead.


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        You should never assume that name/id attributes are exposed to Javascript just like that. You should always use document.getElementById() or document.getElementsByName() instead.