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Pull a list of all supported "built-in" Objects?

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  • Pull a list of all supported "built-in" Objects?

    Anyone know of a way to do this? Node, Element, Object, Math, Number, etc, etc? I'd like to compare what's supported across different platforms, and blindly testing the list off MDN seems a bit "brute force". Especially since I'd like to identify all the HTML element types.

    There should be SOME way of pulling the system objects... They are all attached to window... but they're not iterable so...

    Side note, it's AMAZING how many people don't realize that ALL the built in system objects are properties of "window", an instance of Window. Or that Window/window and Document/document are Class and Instance respectively. Just spent an hour trying to explain that to a client's IT guy who seems to not understand what a class or prototype is.

    Just another guy I'm probably going to have to tell the client to fire. Shame as I actually like him, but he's got no head for this stuff... Tailwind and vue screws another client and suckers another "professional"
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