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innerHTML isn't working without an aler if soft Keyboard is popped up

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    Originally posted by low tech View Post
    As you posted, I had just edited my post @11 to that point. Can you just take a quick look at it to see if it addresses what you just asked.
    He's not working in Unity, so I fail to see the relevance, particularly since unity provides its own keyboard separate from the mobile OS... and that's the thing, vanilla on a mobile OS in a browser or a full stack like electron, this isn't a "thing" in the first place. I can find no website when working in a browser or full stack explaining that this is a "thing" you would or even would need to do.
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      Beside the language barrier, my opinion is almost the same then yours. With some questions and some disagrees.

      I know that this
      PHP Code:
      <div class="myClass">
      div class="myClass"></div>
      is stupid because child element uses the same class as parent element.

      But then.
      Isn't this just a "how to write rule without any effect at all if you do that another way"?
      Because, Most CMS i know do exactly the same thing. And im taliking about CMS, not Bootcrap.
      So back to my first question. Does this harm my sites in any way? Loading time is the same, because css is loaded already.

      By the way "you've missed a caching opportunity,". Right now? Of course. Im not done yet (guess you've recognized that), so i don't want a browseer to cahce any of the css nor js. The domain is not supposed to be the final one. And i wont add a htacces with a login on it, because i indeed use my stuff from there. Not the best way, but i ran out of available domains for testing, plus i don't have the time to focus on the project everyday. So thats okay with me for now. All my other domains are in use for projects. When im done i will remove the ?date stuff of course.

      If that's for an on-page ID, fine... but you shouldn't use those ID for styling since who the blazes is going to know what #c586 even means? Even with a CMS the server-side code (PHP, node.js, whatever) should have ZERO business touching what the page looks like. That's CSS' job and IF the CMS really needs to set style, it should be editing the external CSS file.
      That is something i have to disagree. As i've mentioned. I've never seen a CMS who do that a different way, if it's not limited to just adding, editing content. I guess you have WP or similar in your mind. WP is something i would never ever use, because "like you" i hate bootstrap.

      But however. I know exactly what you are talking about and i would like to agree in full, but i can't.

      But thanks for your thoughts.

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