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Free HTML/CSS/Javascript editor (suggestion prompt too?!)

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  • Free HTML/CSS/Javascript editor (suggestion prompt too?!)

    I've been using Coffeecup free version for HTML/CSS needs and it works fine as if you forget say one or two values, the prompt feature works fine.

    Im now getting into Javascript and can see that it is a very useful language, however are there any editors that will provide prompt/suggestion pop ups when editing which are free? If possible, one that combines HTML/CSS/Javascript all together.

    I've seen this:-


    And was going to give it a download. But anyone know of any others or can recommend the above?


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    This isn't a popular choice, but...

    Microsoft's Visual Web Developer Express.

    It's a free download (msdn.microsoft.com/express).

    It's designed to edit ASP.NET pages, but it does just fine editing HTML pages.

    It tells you about mismatched <div>s, it prompts you ("intellisense" MS calls it) for the arguments you need to standard JS functions, etc. Plus it's about the only thing worth using for debugging JavaScript in MSIE.

    It's a bit bloated (because of all the stuff in there for ASP.NET, of course), but it does work well.

    Not to say there aren't other things out there you might not like better. Just a direction you might not have thought of.
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