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issue of blind data entry

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  • issue of blind data entry

    I have auto cursor focus event to be triggered when data is entered in a field.The issue is in the table when the cursor focuses to next field, that field doesnt come into view. the user can not see what he is entering in the field. This problem is for IE7, this wrks fine on mozilla. the horizontal bar scrolls automatically in mozilla but not in IE7, hence causing the problem.

    Please help me resolving this.
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    for each element that recieves focus:

    you might need an anon function wrap, but scrollIntoView() is what you need to call...
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      Thanks a lot for helping. This code works partially, it gets the columns into view, but it scrolls the horizontal bar of IE, not the bar of the datatable.
      I want that the scroll bar of my table should move. Any suggestions on how to do this?

      Many thanks!