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limit on memory?

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  • limit on memory?

    Is there a limit to how much you can cache in an array of objects

    function report_list_item( new_category_id, new_subcategory_id, new_report_id, new_report_name) {
      this.category_id = new_category_id;
      this.subcategory_id = new_subcategory_id;
      this.report_id = new_report_id;
      this.report_name = new_report_name;
    I popup a search window and use this structure to store reports that were found.
    I create 100 of these every time a search is done, stored in an array. Right now I am seeing the browser freeze up after a few tries. But when I kill the popup with the [x] button everything works ok again.

    I am wondering if the space allocated to the list items doesnt go away and that I am just filling it up.

    I already have a HUGE array of items loaded in the main window in a JavaScript array.

    Does this sound correct? Or could it be something else I am doing?

    -S. Bob