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Please help or I may get the sack!!

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  • Please help or I may get the sack!!

    I could really do with some help, I need to select the peramiters of two text boxes and pass them to a dos string. can this be done with JS?

    The finished article should alow you to insert 2 file names and click submit. These will then be passed to a dos string to exicute a perl program.

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    I am thinking you mean can you submit a form and then read the variables in and parse them to run a command line perl program in DOS?

    why not just call the perl program directly from the html file like

    <form name="frmTest" action="myperl.pl" method="post">

    the form fields would then be avialable to the PERL program via global variables. There are a lot of PERL CGI's to look at for this.

    Matt Wright scripts are some of the most famous.

    I dont see why one would need the DOS line?

    -S. Bob

    one word of advice, NEVER use PERL for anything that has to be maintained. Only script programs you need as solutions.