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  • SSL and Javascript do_click

    I have an annoying problem with a domino web site with ssl enabled. I am calling relative urls within javascript functions to load pages. All was fine until ssl was enabled, now the site starts with a secure session and whenever a javascript function is called the users get a warning message that they are leaving a secure site.

    Apparently this is a know bug in IE, however the work around provided on the microsoft site does not work. Has anyone come across this, and did you find a workaround that did work?

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    User issue mainly

    The secure site to non secure site warning box? This is just the browser making sure people know to not submit credit card info etc on the page that isnt secure.

    You can fix this by just including the unsecure content in the secure content.

    I believe this will work. Using "links" in the secure part you could make a directory structure of all the files that are on the unsecure part. So you dupe the files in mapping only.

    That way files can still be accessed if someone doesnt have the authentication.

    but I believe one can turn this "off" or opt to not have the box displayed again. (the bug might have been that checking the little "dont annoy me again" box doesnt really do that)

    -S. Bob


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      Not quite the problem...........

      Thanks for the reply Soldier Bob. The problem is all the links in the site should remain secure, I am calling relative url's but between the browser and Javascript there is a bug that means the address that gets past to the server running the URL is an http session and not the https session it should be.

      Granted users can turn off the warning messages, because in effect they never leave the secure session it is just the bug that is causing the security warning messages. However in my particular application I am continually loading and unloading pages so it is not a straight forward one form submission........


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        well, can we see the code you're using? maybe there's another way to load the pages, that wouldn't cause the problem.
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