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Is 400 KB the ultimate limit?!

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  • Is 400 KB the ultimate limit?!

    Hi, it's about some days that I'm working on a page that I can enter my URLs in that and it can save them for me in a cookie file, finally I came up with this GUI, when the page comes up, you're in the root directory, like Windows, Linux or ....., then you can make threads, or URLs, if you make an URL, then it'll be displayed on the current thread ( the thread that you made it) and you can go to that URL by clicking on that, and also if it's a thread, you can click on it to go inside of it, and make other threads or URLs inside of that, exactly like the Window's tree-strucutre.

    Everything works pretty fine, but I noticed that after entering some URLs and making some threads, the information that I entered at first, I mean the older info, are lost and I can not see them! Then I just remembered that each cookie file has a maximum limit of 400 KB, now that I spent some time on this thing and wrote the major filing part ( that was not that easy, to simulate the direcory structure of windows, at least for me!) if I do not solve this problem, then all my efforts will be demolished!
    Do you know any way that I can overcome this problem and increase the maximum size of my cookie?

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    ditto... Far as I know cookies are limited to 4K. I've never heard otherwise.


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      Hi, yeah, you're right! I meant 4kb by saying 400kb!! sitting till morning has these problems too! you mean something, you type something else!
      Anyway, how can I increase that boundary? I'm just some few steps away to finish this program! When the page comes up, it has 3 buttons ( I'm not gonna make the rest of them till I find a way to increase my cookie file!), Back, Make URL and Make Thread. It's typically like directory structure of Windows, when you run index.html, you're in Root, then you can make Threads, that after adding them, you can go on their name and by clicking, you'll be in your new thread, that you can make another threads in there, or make URLs, if you press Make URL, a window opens that after entering your URL, the URL will be added to your current thread, that by going on it's address and clicking, you'll be directed to that address. I'm gonna send my files through a Zip file that you can see. I wana know your idea about them, and.... Isn't there anyway to break that boundary?
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        You are doing this in cookies? Umm, I suggest an applet to start...

        Actually I dont really think this should be done unless its an applet.. You are trying to store all the data client side?

        -S Bob.


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          Yeah! I know, it's just more like a game! I mean I just started that and now I want to finish, I actually don't wana put it online! I just want to have at my computer as a local file!!! but now that I started that, I don't wana leave it, I think you know what I mean! I don't want to GIVE UP!


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            i'll give this the apple icon cause the progi looks cool

            OMG... um.. CGI ? JavaScript is well.. limited in many respects. You want a persistant bookmark of sorts? Cookies werent meant to be used in this way. They are a reference that a site can use to access client data from their databases, like a key. Or for simplistic sites, hold the client info in them.

            They are not however a database in and of themselves. And to write something to your computer, something a browser should NEVER be allowed to do (for virus/worm/etc reasons), you really are looking to make a program.

            JavaScript is very similar to C or Java. It shouldn't be that much trouble to port the code over and use a flat file/CGI method of keeping your links.

            But if you looking for more handouts, sorry the cookies are limited :P

            -S. Bob