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IE & <div>. ERROR when making a layer invisible

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  • IE & <div>. ERROR when making a layer invisible

    Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus.

    Um... does IE just not allow you to change anything to do with form controls when they are invisible?

    And would anyone have a suggestion how I can load up a new list of items in a <select> dynamically, but doing so by not loading one item at a time? When one item at a time is added to a select box it makes the list flash. And on incredibly deficient machines (the ones I am stuck programming for) you actually get a strobe effect that is rather distracting as the list populates.

    S. Bob.

    -maybe I should just go with moving the control off the screen to 1000,1000 and edit it there?

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    time to remember how many tags were in that div :P

    yep, seems like when your brain is burnt out you just miss things left and right.

    My <div> tag was on my whole form not just the control I was focused on. And yes, I setting the focus to the first control after I hid the form.

    this forum is a great source of help!

    thx Dave,
    -S Bob.