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Web Presentation with automatic/manual control

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  • Web Presentation with automatic/manual control

    I am building a presentation in Dreamweaver CS3 ASP/VBScript were there are multiple pages; some pages have Flash in them with text to the side.

    When someone start the presentation I allow them to select AUTO mode (after xx minutes the user is auto taken to the next page) or MANUAL mode were they have to click NEXT. The method they select is going to be stored in a cookie or session variable and recorded in a database so when they log back on it remembers what they selected.

    OK...the questions. If someone selects AUTO and they are on lets say page 5 and they click on the STOP button, I do not want to reload the page to reset the value of the cookie/session variable AND stop the javascript timer because that will cause the Flash movie to start again (the customer does not want a start/stop button in the Flash??).

    I was thinking there may be some way to use a Javascript for the timer and disable it based on the stored value? I can live without reseting the cookie/session varuable if needed.

    Any suggestions?


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    you can set the cookie on the browsers with reloading.

    you would have to transmit this preference to the server to store it in a DB.

    I don't see why it would need to be stored anywhere other than the cookie, unless you have some kind of user login thing going on, and want a user's setting the same on his mac laptop and desktop pc.

    you can stop the javascript by using clearInterval, or clearTimeout, so no problems there.
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