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  • Get the name of Facebook group members

    Hello everyone

    Last Sunday I created a group with a friend. This group will be used as a petition wich will be given to the Mayor of my City on Tuesday 14th.

    The group has more than 3000 members and it's not finished.

    I need to get all the members' Firstname and Lastname to make an official petition on a document wich will be printed. It will be too long to make it manually without a script.

    All members have been warn that thanks to the description of the group and to the daily newsmail), by joining our group, they accept to appear in the final petition.

    I need to extract the "NAME SURNAME" (there is 3000 members and each page contain 100 members)

    here is the HTML code which display the name :
    <a href="http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=#####" class="UIObjectListing_Title" bindpoint="title">NAME SURNAME</a>
    XPATH :
    Can someone help me ?