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  • Switch Image Content with SWF On Click

    I am guess this is probably an easy thing to do, I just cannot get my head around it. Here is the situation:

    I have a client who has an affiliation with another company and sells products for them. They have a really nice how-to swf file that they said I could use on my page, but would not offer any support for changing it. That being said, I only have the swf. The swf is coded to start immediately on load and only has an option for the user to pause it. The way they have it set up is to open in a pop up, so this functionality works fine. However, I do not like that funcitonality. I want to embed it within a page.

    So here is what I am thinking. I can create an image from the first screen of the swf, with a little play icon overlay. I want to put this in a div on my page as is. However, I want to create a javascript that, when the image is clicked, that image is replaced by the actual swf file that then begins playing. See where I am going with this?

    What is the smoothest way to handle this? Thanks.