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not sure if you can do this with javascript...

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  • not sure if you can do this with javascript...

    Basically, i am trying to create a drop down menu that, when a link is chosen, instead of leading to an external page will make information appear underneath... is this possible, and if so, how?

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    this might work. change the mouse event to on click and set the href="#"
    better code below...use it
    sorry, it works in FF, but IE needs a little hacking LOL
    ohhhh.. microsoft... you wacky browser maker you!!!!
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      Try this:-

      <select id = "fruits" onchange = "showInfo()">
      <option value = "0" selected>Select a fruit</option>
      <option value = "1"> Apple<br>
      <option value = "2"> Pear<br>
      <option value = "3"> Peach<br>
      <option value = "4"> Plum<br>
      <option value = "5"> Strawberry<br>
      <option value = "6"> Banana<br>
      <div id = "infotextarea"></div>
      <script type = "text/javascript">
      function showInfo() {
      var info = new Array();
      info[0] = "";
      info[1] = "Information about Apples";
      info[2] = "Information about Pears";
      info[3] = "Information about Peaches"
      info[4] = "Information about Plums"
      info[5] = "Information about Strawberrys"
      info[6] = "Information about Bananas"
      var a = document.getElementById("fruits").value;
      document.getElementById("infotextarea").innerHTML = info[a];

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