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  • Test My Menu

    This menu was tested in IE%.5,Netscape6.1, and Opera 5.1.
    I am workingon NN4+ version, almost complete

    Anyone point out any improvenments on the look of the menu. I am not talking about my color coices...lol (Bad ones at that)

    After I get Netscape 4+ version done, I am going to get Sub-Sub Menus to work. What fun!

    Thanks for the input
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    "The page cannot be displayed"
    "Cannot find server"

    July 8 (Monday) 1:53am CST (USA)

    Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow.

    And still using upper and lowercase for files, etc.!?
    (tsk, tsk, tsk)
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      I tried your menu.
      Sorry,but it's not smart enough to using.You can make a better
      menu than you made.

      If you have any question you can ask me.

      Good luck
      Do you know Hakki Ocal ?


      • #4
        looks good (ie 6) except the dropdown menu mostly covers the main part when down.


        • #5
          It's a very good ,only the highlighting of the sub links is not working well.Most of the times it isnt high lighted at all,and sometimes it highlights two links.


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            looks good , but covers too much of the menu heading
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              Bosko....what browser r u using?? I have not seen that problem yet...All it is mouseover on a cell and mouseoffs...hmmm

              The overlap is just a setting that can be customized by the user, i can make the number larger to get it off of the menu a bit........
              Tech Author [Ajax In Action, JavaScript: Visual Blueprint]


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                Mozilla 1.0


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                  i agree with previous posts -- the submenus need to be offset more so they don't obscure the parent menu titles.

                  when you're done, you'll make a javascript menu BUILDER, right?!
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                    LOL......people and generators...lol
                    I want to get NN 4 version done, then work on sub menus for the subs...then I might think about it....
                    Tech Author [Ajax In Action, JavaScript: Visual Blueprint]