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How to trigger function when div is visible?

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  • How to trigger function when div is visible?

    How can I trigger a function when a div or that div's parent display property changes from hidden to block? I've tried using jQuery but couldn't find or think of anything to accomplish my goal. Anyone have suggestions/ideas?

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    Presumably like this:-

    <div id = "div1" style="display:none">The message here</div>
    <script type = "text/javascript">
    function show() {
    document.getElementById("div1").style.display = "block"
    alert ("You can put more code in here");
    //  additional code
    You cannot otherwise detect that the style has changed.

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      The catch is the function that displays the previously hidden div is a "tab" js function from jQuery. I tried binding a function to this "tab" via jQuery as below, but the "bound" function would not fire on tab selection. Any ideas on how to fix/resolve this? Thanks.

      $('#sortImages').bind('tabselect', function(){ var params = "type=displayThumbnails";
                          var url = "createThumbs.php";
                          Ajax.post(params, url, false);
                          if (typeof(Ajax.response) == "undefined"){
                                 alert("Ajax response error");
                          } else {
                              document.getElementById("thumbnailContainer").innerHTML = Ajax.response;