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Why does my website crash in IE when fading?

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  • Why does my website crash in IE when fading?

    My site works fine in Firefox, but it crashes in IE.

    I am using alot of jQuery in order to fade in content. When the user clicks on one of the above links a few times, it will crash in IE.

    Here is my site: http://www.idea-palette.com/

    I have absolutely no idea why the site crashes in IE. I don't even know where to begin to debug my problem. I don't have Visual Studio on my computer, but on my friends computer Visual Studio reads a message of
    An unhandled win32 exception occurred in iexplore.exe[####]
    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    A wild guess, but try changing as shown in blue:-

    <!-- PNG FIX --> <!--This is using the DD_belatedPNG Script in order to make transparent PNG's appear correctly in MSIE(http://www.dillerdesign.com/experiment/DD_belatedPNG/)-->
    <!--[if gte IE 6]>
    <script src="scripts/DD_belatedPNG_0.0.7a.js"></script>

    For insight into the Visual Studio problem see:-

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