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    Ok so here's another tough one for all of you,

    I host a Nascar Fantasy league every year. I have a website in which i post the results for everyone to see. However, i have to manually adjust the standings after every week. Also, I have to post a link to msn.com so that people can see the Live Leaderboard.

    What I would like to do is this:

    I would like to be able to place msn.com's live leaderboad on my website(which automatically updates itself throughout the race). Then I want to have my standings page automatically update accoring to the position that the driver is in at the current time during the race.

    Any help getting started with this would be greatly appreciated!

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    Aren't you the one that started the March Madness thread a while back? <grin/>

    How hard/easy this is depends on what the MSN stuff looks like.

    You can use the same XMLHTTP or equivalent object that AJAX uses to go grab the content from MSN, and then you can just dump that into the innerHTML of some <DIV>.

    But the tricky part will be parsing through the MSN info to (a) remove all the extraneous stuff [ads, headlines, etc., etc.] before shoving it into your own <DIV> and (b) finding out what the information *SAYS*.

    Were I you, I'd get (a) working first and then come back and ask us for help with (b) if you still need it.
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