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Debugging in IE help

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  • Debugging in IE help

    How do I get to see the details of JS errors in IE? I have some problem in IE that isn't showing up in FF or Opera. Is there an error window in IE that I can open up and look at warnings and errors?

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    Click on TOOLS
    Click on ADVANCED tab
    UNCHECK "Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)"
    CHECK "Display a notification about every script error"

    Now you'll get an error message and asked if you want to debug. You need to have Visual Studio (free Express editions okay) or the MS Script Editor or the free MS Script debugger installed. If you have more than one, you'll be given a choice of which you want to use to debug with. Choose them in the order I just listed.

    It's *NOT* a great debugging experience. Not as good as FireBug, for example. But at least you'll be able to figure out where the errors are.
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      p.s.: If you leave "Display a notificateion on every script error" enabled, and use MSIE for any web browsing, you'll go crazy with all the popups from all the sites that don't bother to validate the JS code on MSIE. So only used that item checked when you really are debugging.
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        Respects to Old Pedant.

        just a note IF you are a complete beginner like myself.

        Another way is to check if there is a yellow triangle in the bottom left hand corner of browser. It appears when there is an error in Javascript. Click it and you will get a notification.

        I've tried to include a screenshot.

        Anyway, I find this useful though simple.
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          Absolutely! First step. Sorry, mea culpa. Should have mentioned that.

          But if you use the debugger, you can inspect variable values, etc., so more help than just the diagnostic. I'm so used to using the debugger I tend to forget the first step stuff.
          Be yourself. No one else is as qualified.