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Could this be done in JAVA?

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  • Could this be done in JAVA?

    I have an event creator written in ASP which saves the current event as a HTML file...

    What needs to be done is to check the current events file to see if its older than 3 hours, if its is then it'll show no events or no_events.html, else show the current event etc.

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    Why would you want to do it in JS when it can be easily accomplished server side in ASP, that you are using
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      You know when you get to that stage when you just can't get your head around a peice of code and start pulling your hair out to look for alternatives...

      Well i've sorted it now, thanks for the reply, after the 60th view!!!!!!! lol

      Heres what i came up with:


      Dim MyFileObject, MyFile, MyFileTrue, TimeOut, RealTime
      Set MyFileObject=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      set MyFile=MyFileObject.GetFile(Server.MapPath("current_event.htm"))

      RealTime = hour(now)
      TimeOut = hour(MyFile.DateLastModified) + 3 ' Put timeout at 3 ours ahead of the creation date

      If RealTime < TimeOut AND day(now) = day(MyFile.DateLastModified)Then
      <!--#include file="current_event.htm"-->
      <!--#include file="none.htm"-->
      end if
      Set MyFileObject = nothing
      Set MyFile = nothing
      set RealTime = nothing
      set TimeOut = nothing