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IDIOT needs help with Java? or suggestions

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  • IDIOT needs help with Java? or suggestions

    I am sorry to bother all of you but I really am at a loss as to what to do here.. you're probably going to A) laff me off this site or B) think I am nuts.. but here it goes...(BTW the later B..is true)

    I am trying to help a friend design a website..he wants to have a page where his clients can come on and see what dates he has available for rental ( condo rentals) .. he doesnt want them to be able to actually reserve the date..just to email him with the final info and let him know they want that date.. (this also brings me to the second part of the problem) This data must be kept in a database of somekind kept by the owner.. so that the page can be updated easily.

    I am a novice at web sites..can you tell) This can be done with java can it not.. or forms.. to databases.. and what is the best database for people that dont have a clue? thanks in advance and please stop giggling.

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    There's unfortunately no simple answer to your question other than that it cannot be done using JavaScript alone. You'll need to use a combination of languages such as PHP and mySQL. Either way, it would involve quite a lot of coding.

    Your best bet is to either hire a contract programmer (ie: go to Elance.com), or try and find a premade script at Hotscripts.com.
    - George
    - JavaScript Kit- JavaScript tutorials and 400+ scripts!
    - JavaScript Reference- JavaScript reference you can relate to.