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Form processing question

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  • Form processing question

    Is there a script that will allow multiple actions in a form action=" blah blah" statement?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can populate the action attribute this way:

    With that you could populate it with a value based on some condition. Could you give us some more details on why you need this? Maybe we can give you a better answer.


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      I am using a cgi script written in Perl to process the form and send an email to myself with the form results. I am using a PHP script to write the results to a file on the server.

      I am not an experienced programmer. I used PerlBuilder to develop the CGI but the program does not allow for writing results to a file, only for sending an email. I had a friend write the PHP to create the results file on the server.

      So, I need to find a way to use both scripts in the action=" " statement of the form. I hope this is enough info for you to work with. Thank you.


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        The easiest solution would be to email and write to the database in the same script. I'm not familiar with PHP, but that should be child's play for someone who is.

        Hope this helps!
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