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popup window with returning values

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  • popup window with returning values

    I have a pop-up window that contains a list items. I used a radio button to pick one and that item was returned to requesting html page. Now I want to return more than one item at a time. I want to use a checkbox to pick the items and return all item check back to the calling html page.

    Looking for the code to do this. Thanx

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    What do you have so far? If we see the code you are currently using we can show you how to alter it.


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      The code below links to a second html popup page with a list of item (this case a list carrier names and the state they are from).

      the main html page code

      <input type=hidden name=Carrier1 value="0">
      <input type=hidden name=Carrier1Name value="">
      <a href="javascript:requestMbr(document.forms[1].Carrier1,document.forms[1].Carrier1Name);" class="popup"
      onmouseover="window.status='Click here to select a carrier.'; return true;">

      this is the second part, this code is in the popup window html page with more javascript. the same code is repeated for each item.

      <input type=hidden name=Mbr1Nme value="ABC TRUCKING">
      <input type=radio name=Mbr1 value="100002" Onclick="javascriptpener.writeMbr(Mbr1,Mbr1Nme);self.close()";>


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        You could just build your form in the popup without the onclick event handlers in place, that way you could use a submit button on the form. Upon pressing the submit button you could loop through the from checking wich items were chossen and writing the messeages back to the main window in the same manner you are already using.