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Form and view information question

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  • Form and view information question

    Hello, this is my first post here and it may seem naive to some of the pros here.

    I operate a small employment website created and maintained in Frontpage that is hosted elsewhere.

    As we grow we keep adding items to the site.

    At this time some of my employer clients want to be able to view resumes posted at the site.

    What I need to do is this.
    1. Have a form where the resume can be posted online by the user.
    2. The means to have the employers view the resumes and search by category and maybe 2 or 3 other key words.

    I don't have a clue about CGI, PERL or ASP. I do use FrontPage forms now for an online application but that information is e-mailed to the client when the user hits submit. I know the resume stuff will have to work different than Frontpage form.

    As a secondary issue, If someone can help with this or even do it we can't pay but will give you accolades, a banner ad and credit on our site, which incidently is an Internet Top Ten with about 350,000 visitors this year. Or we can pay you when we get rich and famous.

    Anyway, thats a side issue, can anyone give me some ideas on the resume setup.


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    This can't be done with javascript so you first need to find out what server-side languages your server supports such as PHP, Perl, PHP, ASP, PHP, JSP, PHP, etc.

    Once you find out you can then post your question in the appropriate server-side forum.
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