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  • Delay frame/page load


    I need to delay a frame loading. Just a few seconds. My navigation frame has many mouse-over graphics and I simply want the other two frames to be given a chance to build before my nav frame starts loading.

    I need clear easy advice cos I'm stupid.

    Any help most welcome. Many thanks in advance )

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    WOW! Thanks Dave.

    My first reaction was to write back and say no - not OK, but I rubbed some brain cells together and I have it working. Got it inmy 1st (top) frame. Guess I can rig-up a delay with the 'onload' too if the 3rd frame needs more time.

    Such a short simple and sweet solution. Thanks so much


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      Got a problem. IE6, NN6 and Mozilla work fine but NN4 doesn't load the nav frame (frame B). I get a Javascript error report I don't understand..."window.top.frames.B has no properties."

      I've altered the code to allow the third frame a bit more time...


      Have I done something wrong?

      Working test example at... http://www.com32.com/kovertest12/
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